Our mission

BoatPilot is a free marine navigation app focused on private yachtsmen and charter companies. We developed the most precise and relevant database of marine navigation maps (charts) that is regularly updated by our team and edited by the community (for example, OpenStreetMap). We give our users access to critically important information, allowing for safer and faster navigation.

We were the first to release completely free software that collects cartography data directly from the onboard systems and has augmented reality navigation mode. We continue to actively improve our database, adding new objects and services information, and widening the geographic coverage. Additionally, we strive to develop new hardware and appliances for safer marine navigation in any part of the world.

Our history

The BoatPilot idea was born in 2012, when, having purchased a yacht, its founder – Dmitry Donskoy – had to use a paper map to navigate into a marina at night, during a storm. The onboard navigation system developed by one of the leading manufacturers did not give correct information, specifically, as it was related to the lighthouses.

Dmitry carefully researched all available marine navigation hardware and software solutions and was shocked by how archaic they were. While the market of automotive GPS was nearly perfect, with most precise and up-to-date information, paying $10 000 to $20 000 for a marine navigation system only gave access to old and irrelevant data. With that said, every rare software update was not free to users.

The idea to use a community to collect data and update maps was not new, but not many thought of doing the same in marine navigation. There were several attempts to create add-on solutions that would be used with the current onboard hardware, but Dmitry thought that the special atmosphere and cohesion of the yachting community could be used to improve the marine navigation conditions.

After creating a prototype of the app, Dmitry shared it with his friend and partner Andrey Domaratsky. At that time, Andrey was not very familiar with anything that had to do with the sea, but he did suggest corrections to make the interface more user friendly. The final vision of the idea was a professional marine navigator that is supported by the yachting community and is focused, first of all, on the private yachting sector.

Over the next years, the partners invested a lot of their private funds and developed a fully functional marine navigation app. BoatPilot is a flexible navigation solution that has endless capabilities. It allows to collect and aggregate data, letting the community edit or update it constantly. It’s important to understand that in private yachting, current reviews and comments are often as important as navigation sign information. A skipper can be quite surprised when mooring in a marina – winds, underwater currents, sunken vessels, or even a noisy neighbor – can all be reasons for a change of plans. Supported by a community of likeminded people, BoatPilot gives users the most current data, allowing for more rational and safer sea voyages.

Today, BoatPilot charts cover all of Europe and we are ready to enter the American market. The development team is located in Russia, with representatives in Montenegro and Panama. As of summer 2017, over 50 thousand users downloaded the app, providing up to 15 thousand updates per month.

We have also developed a physical appliance that collects and analyzes navigation data from onboard systems. Delivery of the prototype to the largest marinas and charter companies in the Mediterranean has already begun.

We plan to attract funds in 2018 to further improve our products and expand BoatPilot geographic coverage, eventually having charts and navigation data for the entire globe.

Our team

  • CEO

    Artem Borodin

    Foreign exchange markets senior analyst and department assistant director at the brokerage house Currencies Managers LLC, Artem was responsible for development and implementation of sales strategies, as well as all client communication with potential private and corporate clients for a period of three years. Senior analyst and senior customer service associate of the Panama Consulting Company. Carried out business optimization processes for such companies as UPS and Verizon, integrating all company sub-divisions and branches to improve customer experience and lower company expenses. After moving to Panama, Artem was fascinated by yachting, which became his hobby and passion. His extensive experience in business management and love for sailing make him the perfect CEO for BoatPilot.
  • CMO, Business Development

    Andrey Domaratsky

    Andrey has been professionally investing into IT projects since 2010. In 2011 he became one of the co-founders and marketing director of the yachting charter company Corsair Adventures. From 2012 to present day has been holding the position of marketing director of Game Garden – a mobile app developer, with the total number of installations of more than 24 million. At Game Garden, Andrey is responsible, among other things, for traffic acquisition and analytics. Sailed over 5 thousand miles around the Mediterranean region.

  • Head of Mobile Development

    Yury Cherepovsky

    degree in IT engineering, Yury began his career in IT and programming in 1986. Starting in 2000, has been professionally developing mobile apps and software as the technical producer and localization programmer for Snowball. In 2002 began working as the programmer and studio lead for Akella. Team lead for the development of the Mystery of the Third Planet game, as well as dozens of other popular mobile and computer games. In 2004 began working as the lead programmer for Combats.ru (widely known as Fight Club), later moving on to become CTO of the company. Having worked as lead programmer for Bolid between 2007 and 20010 received extensive experience with microcontrollers and low-level programming. From 2010 to present head of mobile development at Game Garden. Heavily participated in the development of mobile games Fairy Farm, Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure, Family Town, Tales of Windspell, and others.

  • COO

    Dmitry Donskoy

    Since 2011, co-founder, co-owner and director of the charter companies Corsair Adventures and North Sails Montenegro. From 2002 to 2008, director of Simcon – a company specializing in offshore programming. Yachtsman since 1998, Dmitry covered more than 10 thousand miles as a skipper in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. For the last five years has been the director of the Montenegro-based investment company Simeon.

    Dmitry has extensive experience in investments in various types of yachting companies (service and exploitation), which has made him an expert in this area and given him a clear understanding of the state of affairs on the market of marine navigation, including its shortcomings and user needs. This gave Dmitry the opportunity to be at the intersection of IT and marine navigation theory, allowing him to clearly understand both yachtsmen navigation requirements and the needs of yacht-related businesses in convenient and effective advertising tools.

  • CTO

    Vladimir Abramov

    Since 2008, software developer at Creative Technologies – developer of well-known solutions for e-commerce X-cart, Ecwid. A sailor since 2011, Vladimir is the author of the NMEA 2000 synchronization modules for GoFree products. Since 2012, worked for an integrator company engaged in development of individual navigation solutions based on the Simrad Simnet hardware components. Had the opportunity to thoroughly examine NMEA 2000 protocols and their proprietary branches (Simnet and others). Passion for yachting gave him a deep understanding of all user requirements for marine navigation systems.

  • PR, customer and partner support

    Cecile Marcy Dimitrijevic

    Professionally engaged in yachting since 2005, Cecil is the co-owner of a yachting charter and merchant companies. Resident of Porto Montenegro – full service marina located in the Bay of Kotor. Being a French native and fluent in four other languages, she's a representative of the largest yachting brands in the Adriatic region (Hanse Yachts, Simrad, Volvo Penta). As a co-owner of one of the leading yacht service companies in the region, Cecile is well versed in all the peculiarities of the yachting industry, and the needs of both businesses and end clients. Has a wide range of contacts in the industry, and for several years supported all communication of the BoatPilot team with key market players.

  • CTO

    Ivan Varat (Business Development Manager)

    Specialist in the field of communication and client services, Ivan daily connects with BoatPilot existing and potential advertisers, ensuring that all their marketing needs within the platform are met. Having graduated from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Ivan has fifteen years of experience in customer relationship management, marketing, and PR. Croatian native, he’s fluent in English and Spanish.

Our vacancies

Senior server developer

  • 3+ years of Python/Django development experience
  • Proficient with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ES6/ES7)
  • Clear understanding of HTTP and RESTful APIs
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks/libraries like React or Angular.js
  • Strong communication skills
  • Comfortable regularly working in team environmentss

Senior android developer

  • You have a B.S. degree in a computer oriented field or 8+ years of work experience.
  • You have Android applications to share from the past 5+ years of development.
  • Java is a strong personal interest of yours.
  • You have a several applications you have contributed towards or developed yourself that you are proud to share in the Google App store.
  • You have worked with RESTful APIs and JSON or other website based technologies.
  • Experience with source control, preferably GIT

Senior IOS developer

  • Experience on iOS apps development with SWIFT (C/C++/C# is a plus)
  • Apple frameworks: Coredata, Operation Queues, GCD, Auto-layout.
  • Building test cases.
  • Data and memory build options (advantages/disadvantages)
  • Strong development fundamentals
  • Experience working with Restful services.Use of Charles debugger or similar tool.
  • Optimization of App performance in conditions (wifi vs LTE, poor signal, etc) OOA/D fundamentals
  • Developing scalable stable code

DevOps Engineer

  • 5+ Years working in a Systems or Devops role
  • Configuration management experience (Ansible, Docker)
  • Shell scripting and or development experience
  • Solid understanding of networking concepts: the OSI model, TCP, IP, routing, firewalls, load balancers
  • Solid understanding of Linux operating system concepts and conventional programming methodologies
  • Ability and motivation to learn new technologies quickly and with minimal support and guidance
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills

Contact Us

Email: info@boatpilot.me

Address: Klimentos 41-43, Klimentos Tower, Office 25, 1061, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus