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    64% yacht owners 20% yacht charter 16% professional skippers and commercial charter fleet manager
    72% man 28% woman
    • 15%
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    77% 35-55 years 23% other ages
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    the program is compatible with over 80% of existing andsoon-be-released devises
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    Direct access to the active targeted audience with 100% reach.
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    Flexible targeting for any kind of media campaign (geo, audience, actions).
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    Full control of media results & KPIs on every level.
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  • Different formats
    Different formats of media placements with required metrics (CPM, CPC, CPL etc.).
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    Real cost-effectiveness in comparison with traditional media (magazines, printed catalogues, events).
    Easy to launch
    Easy to launch your first campaign right now.

About BoatPilot

BoatPilot is an interactive electronic pilot, navigator and social network for seamen that started being developed by a group of professional yachtsmen in 2012.

Our goal is to create a quality free product that is available to skippers to not only obtain information that is needed to navigate a sea vessel quickly and efficiently, but to be able to make necessary additions to it and moderate the existing database of the community. As such, we make a product that propagates a “community for community” philosophy, instead of the traditional “business for the consumer” approach.

You can download our media-kit.

We have 5 advertising formats for you

1. Intro on loading

A short image video that is demonstrated when the program is starte

Will be most effective for:

  • Yacht and yachting equipment manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Expo organizers

2. Push notifications

Is completed in a relevant section of the program and is accompanied by push-notifications, which allows the user to receive updates about new services even when he is not using the program.

3. Popup highlight

An additional function to placing your business landmark

Will alert the user when he is getting physically closer to the service.

For example, the radar will show the user graphic and text information about the business and the services it provides when the user gets within 10 miles of the business.

4. Main program menu banner advertisement

-Open-ended ad placement without a target audience.

A less invasive and much more affordable type of advertisement than a video-intro.

Allows your business to inform the user of your services and can be considered as a branding and image strengthening element.

5. Business at the map

Will allow your business to be present on the map of services most related to yours (services, restaurants, shops, etc.)

A description of the service and photo can be included with the landmark.

If the user is interested in the service and needs to know where it is located, BoatPilot shows him the exact coordinates.

The business pays per lead – if the user becomes interested in business contact information after he read the description.

Frequently Asked Question

For what types of business is Boatpilot advertisement best?

Boatpilot advertisement will work for any type of business that is directly, or indirectly related to yachting. Our image ads will work great for insurance companies and yacht and yachting equipment manufacturers. Our geographic advertisement (placing a landmark on the navigation map) is recommended for small businesses such as services, restaurants, shops and marinas.

How can I learn more about Boatpilot’s advertising capabilities and ad prices?

You can download our media-kit.

I am a representative of a large company/brand and I have a cooperation proposition. Whom should I contact?

Please contact us for b2b cooperation with Boatpilot..


I am the owner of a small yacht service business. My company is the official representative of many internationally known brands, including Volvo, Fischer Panda and Simrad.

The rent right in the marina is too expensive for us, so our office is located in the city, only 700 meters away from the marina. Even though it’s so close, most of our potential clients simply don’t know that we exist. I don’t have that many avenues for advertisement available to me – billboards are too expensive and magazine advertisement is not effective because there’s no target audience. The best that I could come up with was to walk around the marina and give out my flyers.

Since I’ve decided to try advertising on Boatpilot the situation changed dramatically! I am able to advertise only to my target audience of touristic and charter yacht companies, many of which are looking for service way before they get into a marina and chose where to moor depending on the services available for the brand of their yacht. For example, if a skipper knows that he has 50 hours before the next oil change on his Volvo, he knows that he can find service in our marina and knows where my office is located exactly.

The most important thing is that I ONLY pay for ready clients, thus I was able to lower my advertisement cost and raise profitability of my business. Now I’m planning to grow!

My name is Alexis. I am the manager of a marina located on the Canary Islands. I’m writing this review because my company is very satisfied with advertising on Boatpilot.

Despite the fact that the Canary Islands are a well-known yachting destination, my predecessor always had a lot of vacancies and didn’t know how to solve this problem. Our main clients are Europeans that come here for the winter, which means that the advertising campaign for the marina has to start at least six months before the season and go on outside the Canary Islands. We don’t have that many advertising tools, mainly yachting magazines and expos. It’s very easy to get lost among competitors at an expo and the prices for ads in magazines are too high, because a small ad is not enough and a full-blown article with photos, which can truly attract clients, is too expensive. The amount of clients you get from such advertisement does not compensate for the costs.

I decided to try advertising on Boatpilot, we sent out several notifications during the summer and purchased their gold status in the fall, so our ad started to appear in profiles of competitor marinas. Those who were moored in those marinas were able to notice us and get a detailed description with photos and comments. Later, I spoke to several yachtsmen and they told me that they were planning to use other, neighboring marinas, but after they saw our ad on Boatpilot, they decided to try us out. They knew exactly what we were and what services we offered. Others I talked to said that they saved our info in the summer and when it was time to sail for the winter, chose us to moor their yacht.

Our company is not directly related to yachting. We work on the luxury market and represent several well-known brands, such as watches, jewelry and accessories. In the last year, we started working with premium-class autos, as well.

The traditional avenues for advertisement that we use are the Internet, specialty magazines and brand follower clubs.

Boatpilot offered a great opportunity for us to target well-off clients, because usually a yacht can be considered to be an expensive toy. This is why we chose to use Boatpilot’s open-ended ad placement, as well as their video-intros.

As a representative of the largest charter company in Croatia I didn’t think that advertising through a navigation system would be effective for us, because I thought that most users of such a system are already yacht owners. I am glad that I was proven wrong.

Boatpilot advertising works great for us and we usually purchase the option of specials and ‘hot’ offers mailing. It turned out that many professional charter skippers who work for tour companies use Boatpilot. Additionally, yachtsmen who don’t own their own yacht but rent one every year use the navigation service. Thus, Boatpilot turned out to be the most effective way to get the information about our offers to our target audience.

We are just one of thousands of restaurants located in Croatia and opened during the yachting season.

Unfortunately, there are no billboards in the sea and the yachts that pass us don’t get paper magazines delivered to them. In all of the paid navigation systems we are mentioned simply as a ‘paid marina’. Boatpilot helped us tell our target audience that we are a great restaurant that serves fresh seafood, that our guests can moor their yachts (up to 25 meters long and 5 meter draught) for free, and that there is electricity and water on our pontoon. We use their Popup Radar option and all of the yachts that pass our island receive a notification, which the skipper can click on and see all the detailed information about us.

The most beneficial in Boatpilot advertisement to us is the fact that it can be used not only as a navigator, but as a recommendation journal, which is very useful for passengers, who are mostly women and children. Though they are not professional skippers, they are the audience that mostly choses the sailing route during summer yachting vacations.