To the Charter fleet operator

Integrating our platform will also allow you to use all of BoatPilot’s technical innovations,
such as the Augmented Reality System, BoatTab and AIS.

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  • Monitoring

    Monitoring system

    Possibility to monitor all of the vessel’s systems.

    (NMEA devices, engine functions (RPM, overheating, etc.), leakage sensors, battery sensors, gas sensors, occupancy sensors)

  • Tracking

    Tracking system

    Independent tracking system with an autonomous battery.

  • Monitoring

    Risk monitoring

    Risk parameters monitoring and evaluation;

    (shallow depths, dangerous proximity to other vessels, navigation during dangerous weather conditions, such as raising sail during 20+ knot winds)

  • Tools

    Protection tools

    The unique system of intelligent detection of sea piracy.

    Offline protection tools, including "blackout" and "ais panic".

  • Profiles

    Client profiles

    Possibility to create and evaluate client profiles.

    Automatic monitoring of rules observation, onboard system and equipment usage mode.

  • Notification

    Client notification

    Automatic and manual client notification about violation of recommended exploitation procedures, navigation rules, essential weather conditions changes.

    Help in making safe marine navigation decisions.

  • Diagnostics

    Remote diagnostics

    Remote onboard system diagnostics.

    Integrated client-support system.

  • 4G router

    4G router & firewall

    Built-in 4G router with an integrated firewall.

    Possibility to distribute data packages and designate usage rules.