Our solution for charter companies

Our solution for charter companies is based on the BoatGod module, which is a full-fledged yachting computer. It allows to collect, process, analyse and deliver data from the boat system, both through the NMEA interface and additional sensors manufactured by BoatPilot.

This allows the charter company to have full control over the state of the entire fleet, regardless of its size. Obtaining statistics on equipment wear and service intervals, helping to efficiently build up stock reserves of spare parts and an efficient distribution. In addition, the artificial intelligence system analyzes all the skipper’s actions and so draws up his profile. This means, that the charter company can save a significant amount of time during the check-out routine, receiving notifications about the need for additional or more thorough check of specific ship systems in abnormal operation, helping decide to keep the deposit or not. It also provides handy documentary evidence of violations by the skipper supported by data from objective control devices.

Such an approach allows for a significant optimization of insurance premiums, especially considering the guaranteed theft protection provided by the BlackOut service.

We also supply data on violation of the rules of navigation - violation of the rules of the COLREGS, violation of the speed limit, passage to restricted areas, dangerous proximity with other vessels and/or approach to the shallows.

Why Boatpilot what problems does it solve

Always in touch

The BoatGod head module is equipped with GPS, WIFI, 4G interfaces as well as the iridium satellite interface as an offshore option. Theprocessor’s power and its memory capacity allows for full logging and analysis of the data for several weeks. The module is equally equipped with a built-in UPS in case of a pirate attack or a power disconnection or failure.


Aside from the accurate positioning, speed and direction it also calculates and defines depths, usage of the sails and motor, the speed and direction of the wind and errors on or damage to the NMEA devices.

Data cloud & analytics

The module is responsible for sending the collected analytical information to the BoatPilot cloud, so providing it to the charter company. In addition, it provides the skipper with the ability to receive data from on-board systems directly on his chartplotter via the WiFi Nmea multiplexer. The developed alert system warns the captain of the risk of emergency situations based off the monitoring of all on-board systems, the actions of the skipper and the situation around the boat - data provided by AIS.

The system will also remind to recharge batteries, drain black tanks, and replenish water supplies. It’s also able to identify problems in the operation of on-board equipment, including the motor (impeller, antifreeze leak, lack of oil). This can significantly reduce the risk of collisions, damage and improve sailing safety.

Support and feedback

And finally, the central module provides the charter company with the opportunity to organize a user support and feedback channel. The charter company gets the chance to receive requests from the skipper and equally to send him notifications, warnings and recommendations. For example, in the event of a storm warning, the operator may recommend that vessels head to a sheltered bay or a specific marina, where boat spaces for this company would stand reserved.

The list of functions of the head module also includes WiFi APN with the ability to provide guests with Internet access services and centralized management of traffic packages.

Additional services proprietary BoatPilot sensors

As aside from the standard sensors, such as a gas leakage sensor, a sea water intake sensor, a PIR sensor, a burglary sensor (unauthorized access), BoatPilot also offers the following types of sensors and modules:

Battery sensor

Our sensor not only determines the battery level, but also its possible damage (bloating, lack of electrolyte) and the associated increase in temperature (spontaneous heating) of battery banks. Unlike any other solutions on the market, our sensor has the ability to automatically or manually remotely disconnect batteries. This allows to avoid the risk of spontaneous ignition of the batteries, prevents deep discharge and prolongs the bank life cycle.

Motor sensor

Motor sensor - ‘motor guard’. It not only determines the number of revolutions, allowing the charter company to identify violations in the operation of the motor (constant use at high or maximum RPM) but it also allows to identify problems associated with a lack of oil or antifreeze, as well as impeller.

Liquid level sensor for tanks

This sensor can be used on all types of marine tanks - water, fuel or black. The sensor is glued to the outside of the tank. It does not require immersion and therefore does not clog or fail. This sensor can issue warnings about exceeding or decreasing the permissible fluid level. It’s equipped with a wireless interface and an independent battery; therefore its installation does not require wiring and takes just several minutes.

BlackOut module

The module is designed to guarantee protection of the vessel from theft. Its work is based on fuel management. In cases where the BoatGod head module determines a possible pirate attack, the BlackOut module reduces the fuel supply to the engine, making the hijacking of the vessel impractical. In this limiting mode, the maximum RPM can be is limited to 500-700 (2 knots max speed). Important to note: the modules operate in a completely independent mode. They are not sensitive to just any pirate actions - to the turning off of the onboard power supply, turning off of the NMEA, interference or complete jamming of the GPS, GSM and/or iridium signals.

Pricing table


BoatGod nmea 2000 main module + 6 sensors for installation at two points (engine rpm, battery charge, temperature x2, leakage)

Cloud platform

Fleet manager's personal account with access to telemetry, alerts and analytics. Cost per month of use with a 3 year contract


BoatGod nmea 2000 main module + 6 sensors for installation at two points (engine rpm, battery charge, temperature x2, leakage).

Cloud platform

Fleet manager's personal account with access to telemetry, alerts and analytics. Cost per month of use with a 3 year contract.

Basic PriceEUR 295EUR 19.95/m
20+ boatsEUR 245EUR 15.95/m
50+ boatsEUR 195EUR 13.95/m
100+ boatsEUR 95EUR 10.95/m
250+ boatsEUR 55EUR 5.95/m

Additional optional sensors

  • Anti-theft module (preorder): € 99
  • UPS: € 25
  • Tank level and leak: € 39