Boatpilot Guard remote monitor

The Boatguard application from Boatpilot is designed to receive telemetry from the yacht and remotely monitor all systems connected to the BoatGod module. The application is available on IOS and Android platforms.

It visualizes all the information from your boat's sensors coming from the BoatGod module to the cloud. This allows you to remotely monitor the condition of the yacht and all its systems, since the BoatGod module transmits information from the NMEA sensors, as well as additional sensors from the BoatPilot.

Use cases for the app

Cases, when you can use BoatGuard are quite broad:

  • it is used to control humidity and leaks during parking in the marina, as well as to monitor the level of battery charge. These two parameters are of paramount importance during winter parking. Since any leakage is a danger of flooding the boat, and deep discharge of the battery is the main reason for the premature failure of the bank power and its subsequent pricey replacement.
  • it is used if you hire a skipper to deliver your boat and want to be sure that he is doing his job professionally and carefully, without violating the rules of boat operation
  • it is used to receive alerts. You can get any data, from filling the black tank to leaking gas from the cylinder. And during navigation, you can set the required number of alerts to significantly improve the safety of navigation. For example,
  • wind reinforcement alert
  • anchor drift alert
  • depth reduction alert
  • alert to approach the coastline
  • dangerous approach trajectory alert (by AIS)
  • alert to critical charge level of batteries
  • water leakage alert

No extra costs

The application is included in a single premium subscription from BoatPilot. It incorporates cloud services and remote telemetry, as well as additional features for chart plotter, significantly increasing the usability of the product and intended for active sailors.