BoatGod module for yachts owners

We are delighted to introduce you a BoatGod module from BoatPilot. Well established in the charter business, now this module is also available to private yacht owners. BoatGod is a universal onboard router, primarily for telemetry of all existing yacht systems. The main functions are multiplexing data from the NMEA network and additional sensors to mobile devices connected locally via the WiFi or remotely via the Internet.

Prices starts from 50 euro

BoatPilot ecosystem

The BoatPilot ecosystem based on this module allows you to use features such as:

  • data output (AIS, depth, speed, wind, etc.) from NMEA’s tools in a chartplotter on a mobile device (tablet, phone)
  • installation of additional wireless sensors on the yacht from BoatPilot. Starting from the tank sensor and engine temperature up to the “blackout” antitheft module.
  • receiving remote telemetry via the Boatpilot Guard application via the Internet, with the possibility of setting alerts for any parameter change (smart yacht system)
  • multiplexing data to unlimited number of mobile screens

Module installation and specs

The module will help to improve navigation safety, make it possible to update the navigation system by using the iOs and Android device, and help to prevent the hijacking of the yacht or its damage.

Leaks, battery discharge, impeller spoilage/motor overheating, replacement of liquid level sensors with wireless ones are far from a complete list of options provided by the BoatGod module. Installation of the module and main sensors does not require special skills and additional equipment and takes up to 15 minutes.

Technical characteristics of the module

  • Network connection type: NMEA 0183/2000
  • Power supply: NMEA, 12in external
  • Wireless interfaces: LoRa, ZigBee, WiFi, Gsm, 4g LTE
  • Current consumption: medium/maximum
  • Multiplexing/transmitting to: web browser, BoatPilot chartplotter, Boatpilot Guard app

External sensors offered by BoatPilot

  • Leak/temperature sensor
  • Battery voltage and temperature sensor
  • Engine RPM and temperature sensor
  • Tank fluid level and leak sensor

Why Boatpilot what problems does it solve

You need a BoatPilot if:

  • You want to use chartplotter App on your phone or tablet
  • You want to receive information from the NMEA at any point on your yacht
  • You want to be calm leaving the yacht in the anchorage, get accurate telemetry (anchor demolition, depth, force of wind gusts)
  • You want to be calm when you leave the yacht in the marina (theft prevention, several leaks sensors, discharging and warming up batteries sensor), yacht intrusion prevention system
  • You want to have confirmation of all your actions for the insurance company or coastguard (black box mode)
  • You want to have an advanced collision prevention system based on your AIS
  • You plan to hire an external skipper or team to deliver your yacht for remote control of their actions