What is BoatPilot?

BoatPilot is an interactive pilot for yachtsmen that includes such functions as a navigator and social network for sailors.

On which platforms does BoatPilot function?

At the moment, BoatPilot operates on Android, as it is the leader in operating systems for tablets. We are planning to release BoatPilot on iOS in the fall of 2014. Windows Mobile will support the application no sooner than the end of 2014. Nevertheless, some of the functions of BoatPilot can be used on any platform if you go to our site using your browser.

I have an Android phone, why can’t I download BoatPilot?

BoatPilot is optimized to be used on tablets only and cannot be downloaded on a phone as it cannot function, due to technical restrictions of a smartphone. If you don’t have a tablet that runs on Android, you can purchase it on our site with BP already downloaded and functioning. Prices start at $200.

How much do I need to pay for the BP license?

The base version of BoatPilot is free.

I found a mistake on the map, what should I do?

All of the information that is contained in BoatPilot is donated and moderated by the community. If you found a mistake, please enter what it is and save your changes. The changes will be visible once the members of the community affirm them.

How can I advertise my business through BoatPilot? How can I add my POI to the database?

BoatPilot offers a wide variety of mechanisms to advertise your business if it is yachting oriented. You need to click on the correct section of this website in order to receive more information on the topic. All you have to do is register and start advertising your business.

I cannot load BoatPilot on my device, the program is asking me to authorize through Facebook. What does this mean?

BoatPilot authorization is completed only through Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to get one and load the Facebook application on your device. You will not be able to use BoatPilot otherwise. Alternative registration is completed through an email account, but is temporary – trial – and takes a very long time.

Which regions are available through BoatPilot? When will new regions be added?

At this moment, only the Mediterranean part of Europe – from Spain to Greece – is available, with new regions being added weekly. By the end of 2014 information on all of Europe and the United States will be available through the application.